Medved Spins Amusingly Inane Tale of God’s Providence

Medved Spins Amusingly Inane Tale of God’s Providence December 14, 2016

Michael Medved, who is a Jewish wingnut that is just as loopy as his Christian counterparts, has a new book out about God’s providence in American history. It’s apparently full of stories like this one, that God “hid” all the gold in California until it was under American control.


Appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio program today to promote his latest book, “The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic,” right-wing radio host Michael Medved stated that God hid all the gold in California until “the very moment” that the territory became the property of the United States.

As Medved related the story, gold was discovered in California in late January 1848 while on “the same day” California was given to the U.S by Mexico.

“People of the time asked, ‘How it is that God hid the existence of this huge load of gold from all of humanity until that precise moment that America was having California handed directly to us?’” Medved said.

Yeah, that was all God’s plan. Which means God is also responsible for the murder and enslavement of Native Americans who were driven out of territorial lands to get to the gold, right? The Bridge Gulch Massacre wiped out an entire band of the Wintu tribe. And in 1850, just two years after gold was discovered in California, they actually passed a law allowing miners to capture and enslave the natives so they could be forced to do the work for them. Isn’t God’s providence just so wonderful…for white people?

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