Help the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Fight

Help the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Fight December 15, 2016

As my longtime readers know, I am a strong supporter of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, founded by my friend Mikey Weinstein. He’s the one who gets all those horrible anti-Semitic and hateful emails that I often republish. Well this is your chance to help them keep fighting the good fight.

No institution in the government violates the separation of church and state and religious freedom more often or more brazenly than the military. Historically, there are deep ties between the military and fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Far too many people in positions of authority believe that their work in the military is a ministry and that they are literally fighting for God, whether it was against godless communism during the cold war or against demonic Islam today. And that is a very dangerous belief.

Because of the rigid chain of command, the relative isolation of a base or ship and fear of offending one’s superiors, there is more opportunity for those people to impose their Christian beliefs on others. Soldiers are coerced into attending church services or on-base Christian events by having to do unpleasant tasks should they decide not to go. Sometimes they’re simply ordered to go. A young soldier seeking not to offend a superior officer who holds their future in his hands is in no position to resist unless they are very brave.

To date, nearly 50,000 members of the military have shown such courage and have contacted MRFF as clients. Over the years, they have won big victories for true religious freedom (as opposed to fake tales of Christian persecution that we hear constantly). MRFF is the champion those soldiers need to buck the chain of command and secure justice.

This won’t be the last appeal I make on behalf of an organization I support as the year comes to a close. You don’t have to respond to all of them, of course, but for various reasons one might appeal to you more than others. If you are inspired by the work that MRFF does and want to help them keep doing it, and if you can afford it, please consider making a donation, however large or small, to help them keep fighting the good fight for religious freedom in the military. You can donate by going here.

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