Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want Murdered Today?

Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want Murdered Today? December 21, 2016

Deranged bigot and wannabe Torquemada Theodore Shoebat is adding to the long list of people he wants to murder. This time it’s a 9 year old transgender girl and the editors of National Geographic who did a story about her. And he justifies it by saying they’d do the same to him.


“The kid is obviously evil, obviously a reprobate, obviously just diabolical,” Shoebat bellowed. “You’re a freak. You’re a little demon. You’re a little Nazi Hitler … This little freak would not mind sticking people like me in a gas chamber.”

“This is sick shit,” Shoebat continued, “and this is the problem that I have with the First Amendment, the freedom to do whatever you want. In the Catholic Church, the whole damn crew behind National Geographic would be tried and once they are found guilty, they would be burned at the stake.”

Okay, this has gone way behind mere political or religious disagreement. This guy is a fascist who fantasizes about slaughtering about 90% of the human race, probably while fondling himself. If he isn’t on a watchlist, we might as well defund the FBI at this point.

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