Ken Ham Mad at Being Tied to Wrong Idiotic Theory

Ken Ham Mad at Being Tied to Wrong Idiotic Theory January 2, 2017

The Washington Post had an article about Ken Ham and his Ark Encounter, the first theme park ever devoted to a mass genocide event, and they said that he believes the (non-existent) flood killed off the dinosaurs. And he’s mad because he believes something equally stupid:


Ham, the founder of the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, took to Twitter on Sunday to angrily scold the Washington Post for an article that linked his museums to a theory that claims Noah’s flood wiped out the dinosaurs.

“Hey Washington Post, we at Ark Encounter have NEVER said Dinosaurs were wiped out during Flood — get your facts right,” he wrote. “I challenge Washington Post to show ONE instance where Ark Encounter supposedly says Dinos died out during Flood!”

In fact, Ham is correct — one of the Ark Encounter’s main selling points as a tourist attraction are the fake dinosaurs that people encounter as they tour it. The dinosaurs are in the museum because Ham believes Noah brought them with him to rescue them from God’s wrath.

While it’s certainly important for the Post to get this right and not to ascribe ideas to someone that they don’t believe, it’s also amusing that he insists on being credited with an equally idiotic belief. Don’t you love the image of Noah trying to convince a mama T-Rex to let him take her children on the ark with him? I’m guessing that would drop his life expectancy a bit. And of course, the fact that dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years before all this stuff didn’t happen.

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