WND Suddenly Spots the Signs of Revolution

WND Suddenly Spots the Signs of Revolution January 3, 2017

The Worldnetdaily, after 8 years of fomenting the propaganda of violent revolution, has suddenly discovered evidence that their political enemies on the left are the ones who are “plotting violent anti-American revolution.” Because they completely lack any self-awareness whatsoever.


Stunning video of anti-Trump riots, both before and after the election, show the modern leftist movement in America has become capable of shocking violence.

But could the left really attempt a violent revolution to overthrow the U.S. government and overturn the American way of life?

Not only could they, but they will try, according to Douglas V. Gibbs, who has appeared as a commentator on Fox News and is a radio talk-show host in Los Angeles.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/Protest_c0-149-6720-4067_s885x516-300×175.jpg


And it won’t be a liberal revolution. It will be a communist revolution.

That’s the prediction Gibbs made in an article published Friday in the Canada Free Press titled, “Democrats Prepare for Violent Revolution.”

Examining the evidence, he concludes a revolution attempt is not necessarily imminent, but that it will happen, once various pieces fall into place.

Gibbs declared, “They are in full preparation for social and economic collapse, or a violent revolution.”

Oh, how ironic. In full preparation for social and economic collapse? That’s an idea the WND has been pushing relentlessly. They have a weekly columnist who writes about nothing but survivalism in such an event, which has been imminent for years and years (but never actually happens). They’ve presented article after article not only claiming that this is going to happen but claiming that it was revealed by God himself. In fact, he’s going to cause the collapse because he’s so upset about gay people having abortions. Or something.

As for violent revolution, do I really need to go back and cite all of the articles and columns they’ve printed over the years encouraging exactly that? How they cheered on the Bundy clan and their heavily armed supporters who had federal officials in their gun sights because he wanted to be a welfare king and benefit from public property without paying for it? Look in the mirror, people.

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