Glenn Beck Still Pushing Boston Marathon Coverup Story

Glenn Beck Still Pushing Boston Marathon Coverup Story January 12, 2017

Jesus, you’d think Glenn Beck would have learned his lesson after having to settle a lawsuit with the guy he defamed as a terrorist when he was really the victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. But he’s still pushing that ridiculous conspiracy theory.


On his radio program today, while Beck was celebrating the dismissal of a separate lawsuit against him, he brought up the settlement of the Alharbi lawsuit and vowed to one day set the record straight about it.

Beck asserted that he had settled the Alharbi lawsuit “for a small sum of money” and only did so because “it was going to go all the way to the Supreme Court [and] it would have probably cost me about five million dollars.” Beck said that, according to the terms of the settlement, he has the ability to “open up the entire record of the case,” which he intends to do so that he can prove that the government engaged in a massive cover-up to conceal the truth about what really happened in the attack.

“That case is not sealed,” Beck said. “We’re going to present this to you and show you exactly what happened in the Boston bombing case. There is something very wrong and it has little to do with the guy who was suing me and everything to do with the United States government, which was the point in the first place.”

It’s quite amusing to me that he hates Alex Jones so much. They could be psychic twins. Maybe it’s just a turf war.

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