Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email January 16, 2017

Here’s a very special email sent to Mikey Weinstein by a blatant anti-Semite. It’s the usual “Jews killed Christ” thing plus the almost ubiquitous use of MFFR to stand for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Are all bigoted theocrats dyslexic or something?


From: judasburnss@usafnoncomoff.com
Subject: you have hurt the Air Force
Date: January 15, 2017 at 10:50:19 AM MST
To: Information Weinstein

Mr. Mikey Weinstein of the MFFR,

I guess you and your group of followers think your helping our military but your not.

I am in the Air Force and one of my biggest missions is to bring my troops to Jesus Christ.

I am a NCO leading many and witness the Gospel and Word of Christ to my troops for who I responsible every chance I get on duty or not. In uniform or not. Whether they ask me or not. The Word is the only light and the life and truth. It is water for those who thirst and food for those who starve. My troops love hearing it. And I love preaching it.

None has ever complained to anyone even once. Until a few days ago. Your name and the MFFR came up in anger and fear against the Lords Word.

My wife and me and others looked at your website. Did some more research on you all. Very eye opening to see such devil hatred from the MFFR. Tools of of the dark one. satan dwells in your house.

You all represent the sin and evil in our nation. MFFR has damaged the military by stopping the Word from being preached. Without the Word none may be saved.

I was sorry to see that your jew but it made a lot of sense to us. Jews of your blood betrayed and murdered Christ. And His blood is forever on their hands and their children hands.

How does that feel to have slaughtered the Lamb of the Lord? Make you feel like a big man jew? You think you help in the Air Force? You killed our Savior by your jews nature.

Our Air Force rejects you. Our military and country rejects you. The MFFR is only welcome by satan.

We will pray that your days of life will be shortened by the Lord. He will come for you and your kinsmen and helpers like a theif in the night.

You all will helpless to stop your destiny.

We pray that you and the MFFR will suffer by flames for all eternity for your sins of defiance and stiff neck jew nature against the Word.

Personally, I love slaughtering the lamb of the lord. Makes awesome BBQ.

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