NRA TV Whitesplains Martin Luther King to John Lewis

NRA TV Whitesplains Martin Luther King to John Lewis January 18, 2017

It’s always amusing to hear white people explain to black people what Martin Luther King really stood for, and doubly so when the person they’re explaining to was one of the closest people to him and marched alongside him. Like the folks from NRA TV:


GRANT STINCHFIELD: (HOST): Today, on Martin Luther King Day, I believe Dr. King would be ashamed of John Lewis. I’m saddened to say that because Lewis marched with Dr. King. But apparently the decades since Lewis has marched with Dr. King, he’s forgotten what Dr. King stood for: freedom. Freedom for all Americans, even Americans you disagree with.


STINCHFIELD: You want to talk about freedom? We had freedom to elect the leader that we wanted, to serve America, to lead our military, to fight for what we believe in. Things that maybe he doesn’t believe in. But I ask you this, John Lewis, why do you call Donald Trump a racist? Why do you race-bait? Why do you follow the lead of Barack Obama and continue to divide this nation? That is not what Martin Luther King was about.

It’s funny how they praise King for the very same thing they now condemn others for. What did King do? Pointed out racial injustice and marched in protest against it to demand justice. What do black civil rights activists do today? The very same thing. But they’re being “divisive” and “dividing the country” when they do it. And funny, that’s the same thing white conservatives like you said about King while it was happening. To be a wingnut is to abolish the past. The fact that they’re claiming to have accepted previous civil rights movements (ending slavery, giving women the right to vote, black civil rights in the 50s and 60s) while echoing the same anti-justice arguments made against them don’t matter because everything begins anew each morning for them.

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Yesterday on Meet the Press, John Lewis, the congressman who really is a civil rights hero, comes out and he says that Donald Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. He is doing this to delegitimize Trump’s entire presidency, I think it’s anti-American, it’s unpatriotic, and it’s sad coming from a guy — especially today, it’s Martin Luther King Day, Lewis is a guy who marched with Martin Luther King. I think it’s sad.

DANA LOESCH (NRATV COMMENTATOR): I think it is as well, and while I believe that Lewis is a civil rights icon, it’s unfortunate that he chose to behave in this particular manner.


LOESCH: John Lewis, by his actions is — he is posing to be a threat to democracy by refusing to acknowledge the results of this election, by refusing to acknowledge the results of the Electoral College. The individuals spoke, and it’s not their fault if they refused to vote as John Lewis would have had them voted.

Except he isn’t doing any of those things. He isn’t refusing to acknowledge that Trump won the election, he’s arguing that the election was tainted — just like Trump did before it ever happened when he thought he was going to lose.

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