Quebec Mosque Shooting a False Flag. Because of Course It Is.

Quebec Mosque Shooting a False Flag. Because of Course It Is. February 2, 2017

The murder of six people at a mosque in Quebec was a false flag operation. We know this because Alex Jones says so. And who would know more about false flag operations than the guy who thinks everything from the moon landing to the cancellation of Friends was a false flag?


While speaking with right-wing author Matt Bracken, Jones seized on early reports naming Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir as suspects in the attack that left six dead. The police have since said that Khadir was actually a witness, and named Bissonnette, who was known for having far-right views, as the sole suspect. Conservative media outlets and the Trump administration, however, seized on the early and since retracted reports to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment.

Jones and Bracken appeared to quickly jump to the conclusion that Khadir was mastermind of the attack and that he used Bissonnette as a patsy.

Jones, who claimed that “Muslims are leading, in this country, an insurrection” through the protests against President Trump’s ban on refugees and people from several predominantly Muslim countries, called the Quebec City attack “jihadis killing other Muslims.” He also wondered if George Soros was involved in the attack in an attempt to rile up anti-Trump demonstrators.

“If you’re going to run a false flag against Muslims, you obviously have Muslims do it,” he said.

Bracken concluded that the mosque attack was “a fubar false flag operation” because Khadir and Bissonnette were arrested. He said Bissonnette possibly converted to Islam in secret while Khadir set him up as “the patsy, the white guy found at the scene.”

Absent from the discussion, as always, is any, ya know, evidence. They seem to think that if they can conceive of it being one, it must be one. That’s how the mind of a conspiracy nut works. And since I’m making fun of it, I’m obviously in on it. And it’s true, I am a card-carrying member of the Michigan branch of the Illuminati. By the way, this post is also a false flag operation.

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