Wingnut: Women’s March was ‘ Driven by Demons’

Wingnut: Women’s March was ‘ Driven by Demons’ February 2, 2017

It’s time for another installment of Everyone I Disagree With is Possessed by Demons, starring con man Jim Bakker and con woman Billye Brim. They both agreed that the women’s marches the day after the inauguration were “driven by demons” and full of an “evil spirit.”


Bakker described Trump’s inauguration in glowing terms, saying that he felt “the presence of God” in Washington. But he and his guest, evangelist Billye Brim, railed against the subsequent Women’s March on Washington, which Brim said was “driven by demons.”

Upon seeing the Women’s March, Bakker said, he suddenly felt “the most evil spirit I’ve ever felt.”

Bakker was particularly offended that march participants used “dirty” and “filthy” words like “nasty” and “pussy”—words that the protesters pulled directly from the now-president, including from the infamous tape of him boasting about sexually assaulting women.

Brim said that the Women’s March was dominated by “the kingdom of darkness” and urged residents of Washington to “control those demons that were in those women.”

Oh yes, we must control those demons. I’ve always found that demons are easily controlled, by virtue of the fact that they don’t exist (except perhaps Celine Dion).

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