When Jones and Corsi Were Anti-Trump

When Jones and Corsi Were Anti-Trump February 3, 2017

These days, Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are spinning their inane conspiracy theories in favor of Donald Trump, but it wasn’t always that way. A few years ago, they were spinning conspiracy theories about Donald Trump on the birther issue.


In fact, Corsi told Jones in 2011 that Trump was actually an Obama plant who had been sent to discredit the birther movement and could not be trusted:

Donald Trump I discount. I’m completely convinced at this point Donald Trump was subterfuge. He called me two or three times, got me to give him a copy of the book in advance. I’m convinced Donald Trump, through Mike Cohen, seems to be 50/50 working with Obama, he’s close to Schumer. Donald Trump says, “Let’s beat the drums big, then you release the birth certificate, I’ll say it satisfies me, the press will go to sleep and I’ll get my new $60 million contract, thank you very much, from NBC.”

Jones, now a sycophantic Trump supporter, agreed: “I’ll tell you the dead ringer. He’ll get his new $60 million NBC contract, which is GE, which got bailout money, and Rachel Maddow and all of them. Here’s the dead ringer, two days after that, he’s ‘discredited’ by Obama, he goes into a cussing tirade, he’s a very shrewd guy, meant to further plunge him in the numbers and to further discredit.”

Corsi then wondered if Trump would try to build casinos in Chicago and said that he planned to investigate Trump’s “connections with the White House and what deals, wink-wink, went back how far. I don’t trust it at all.”

My my, how times and tones have changed. That’s how conspiracy nuts operate, though. Once you’ve untethered yourself from reason, you can throw out virtually anything and spin a conspiracy in one way or in the exact opposite way and it sounds equally valid. There are no rules of logic at that point.

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