Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email February 5, 2017

And here we have another email sent to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. It’s got all the usual stuff — tons of misspellings and grammatical errors, dripping with anti-Semitism and, something I still don’t understand, an inability to put together the acronym MRFF.


From: airmen4yeshua@califo.com
Subject: Messy dead daddy
Date: February 4, 2017 at 4:57:29 PM MST
To: Information Weinstein

Hey mickey,

I just read about you the MFFFR trying to stop another national prayer lunch at a Air Force base in Alabama.

My wife and I are in the Air Force stationed in California. You have so many who hate you at our base. Like our whole Bible study.

And you are so wicked as to try to stop the love of Christ at just a simple annual prayer event?

So what if the Wing Commander made the invite? Non Christians don’t have to come if they don’t want to.
No one has to accept the Gospel.

The Wing Commander is just trying to steal souls back from satan.

Nobodys forced like you say.

It’s freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion mickey. Your a lawyer and should no better.

The jews and atheists and queers in the military always come running for little mickey to fight Jesus Christ for them. Same with the muslims. And the dot indians.

And your always just so happy to fight for satan against our Lord right mickey? Makes us wonder why?
What’s in it for you?

But we know. Satan pays you well.
jews love the $$.
30 pieces of silver mickey? (Matthew 26:15)

A lot of our friends here in Bible study think your asking for an ass kicking. Your way overdue boy.

The internet says you have kids and a wife and grandkid.

My wife and me and our Bible study just hope you die slow in pain right in front of your wife and kids.
Piss your undies and shit your trou. Bleed out thru your eyes and ears and mouth. A blessed site to see.

My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. So Jesus is coming for you mickey.

Let your family learn the lesson of what not to be like.

Messy dead daddy is the bible lesson of the day.

You have it coming and Jesus will administer His devine justice on mickey.
His devine wrath is on you.

The Son of God will take your wicked life and kick your whineystien ass all the way to the fires of hell.
You live in sin and will burn in sin. Always and forever. Fire unending and no hope left.

How’s that 30 pieces of silver working out for you now mickey? You and judas too peas in a pod.

Can we have a Halleluyah!

(Airmen for Christ and His Kingdom in America)

And they’ll know we are Christian by our love, by our love…

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