Trump’s World of Epistemic Closure

Trump’s World of Epistemic Closure February 7, 2017

During Donald Trump’s nightly twitter rants late Sunday and early Monday, Donald Trump decided to reveal his utter irrationality, which is reinforced by a near-total epistemic closure. If he doesn’t like a poll’s results, it’s fake; if he does like it, it’s real and unquestionable.


He thinks “fake news” means “any news I don’t like. And he refuses to even consider that his ideas might not be popular. He is, after all, perfect and holy and is never, ever wrong. All contrary data is simply filtered out. And then he offered this laughable tweet a short while later:

LOL. Based on an accumulation of data? You mean after an accumulation of myths and falsehoods accepted solely on the basis of whether they help your cause or hurt it, not on whether the evidence actually supports them or not. This is how epistemic closure works, folks. He lives in his own world, governed by his own rules, and all evidence that conflicts with his preferred version of reality is obviously false. And of course, anyone who expresses even the mildest disagreement with him is a loser.

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