SEAL Hypocritically Attacks McCain

SEAL Hypocritically Attacks McCain February 10, 2017

Donald Trump isn’t the only one making hypocritical attacks on John McCain for questioning the recent raid in Yemen. One of his surrogates, former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie is attacking McCain and Veterans Against Trump founder Perry O’Brien. His attack is blatantly hypocritical.


Higbie replied that if the mission succeeded in its goal, if actionable intelligence was gathered, he would have been willing as a SEAL to give up his life.

When O’Brien said that McCain does not owe an apology for criticizing the mission, Higbie went on the attack raising the fact that O’Brien was a conscientious objector to the war in Iraq, “which is fine, but to leave your friends and family and brothers and sisters stranded on the battlefield because you were a conscientious objector and then come back and slander people like Donald Trump to say that he’s supported by white supremacists or to say that Ryan’s family is not owed an apology by a senator who straight-up said that mission was a failure? I mean, come on. That’s ridiculous and it’s dishonorable.”

“I don’t think there’s anything dishonorable about taking a stand for one’s moral values,” O’Brien responded. “And as for your style of consistently going after my service record, I have treated many special operations soldiers, many of whom did not survive…I think it would be better if we kept this conversation on policy rather than attacks on each other’s service.”

“I absolutely have a problem with you using your conscientious objector status to get out of the military,” Higbie said, “so, yeah, it absolutely draws into question your credibility to comment on an issue like this because you tucked tail and ran when others stayed and fought.”

There are few things that anger me more than this idiotic argument, and it’s especially ridiculous when uttered in defense of Donald Trump. The fact is that those who refused to fight in Vietnam were doing the right thing. If more people had refused to fight in that barbaric, unjust war, a couple million innocent people would still be alive. And which is better, someone who stands up and says this war is wrong and I will not fight in it, or someone like Donald Trump, who got multiple deferments to avoid serving without understanding that the war was wrong?

Faux uber-patriots like Higbie make me sick. They are everything wrong with this country all rolled into one.

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