Shoebat Wants Coulter, Bannon Put to Death

Shoebat Wants Coulter, Bannon Put to Death February 17, 2017

Usually Theodore Shoebat calls for the execution of innocent people who’ve done nothing to harm anyone, but now he’s picked out two horrible targets: Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter. Coulter because she apparently hangs out with gay people. Bannon, I’m not sure why.


Extremist Religious Right activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video yesterday in which he declared that “both Stephen Bannon and Ann Coulter are absolutely evil, they are enemies of Christendom and are filled with the spirit of Antichrist.”…

“The witch, the Jezebel Ann Coulter is not what you think she is,” he said. “She’s not what a lot of people think she is, she’s not this wonderful woman of God, this great Christian woman. She’s not that. The woman is a fascistic bitch … she’s evil, she’s very deceptive, she’s a Jezebel. And in a Christian society, Ann Coulter would be arrested and put to death. Bottom line. This woman would be arrested and put to death and rightfully so, because she is evil.”

Okay, I don’t condone it…but I understand it.

"It's things like that that make me believe there's still hope for humanity."

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