Hewitt Treats Trump as a Special Snowflake

Hewitt Treats Trump as a Special Snowflake March 3, 2017

Hugh Hewitt, who pretends to be one of the more reasonable right-wing voices out there, for some reason thinks that the president should be treated like a child (never mind that he actually is one). He says you have to listen to and read Trump differently than you do others.


BRIAN WILLIAMS (HOST): Will you concede that in the run-up of the last 12 hours before this speech tonight, the president got a little sideways on the mission itself? Seeming to indicate in his interview with Fox & Friends, seeming to blame, quote, “the generals” for losing Ryan in this mission and not seeming to grasp that the title commander in chief means just that. It’s all on you, that’s part of the job.

HUGH HEWITT: Well, I’m not going to concede that, Brian, because I understood it — again, I always try and listen to Donald Trump differently than I listen to other people, having been involved in so many exchanges with him. I think what he was trying to say is that the mission was planned on President Obama’s watch. It was executed with the approval of the generals, and it did, as he said in the speech tonight, contribute to the national security.

I do think he has to become more deft in those settings, and indeed today — when he talked about immigration with Chuck and with Chris and with others, he may have overextended what was just a creek in the door tonight that I heard. So, I actually listened to that and said to myself, he’s got to tinker with that, but it wasn’t what the media said it was.

Hewitt’s position is essentially that everyone else should be taken to actually mean what they say, but with Trump, you have to give what he says the most positive spin possible in order to avoid having to admit that he’s a buffoon. But it seems to me that the opposite is true. If anyone should be taken at face value, it’s the president. Words matter. Positions matter. Especially when you’re the president. Any suggestion to the contrary is ludicrous special pleading.

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