Watters ‘Destroys’ Straw Man of White Privilege

Watters ‘Destroys’ Straw Man of White Privilege March 3, 2017

Jesse Watters, the demon offspring of Bill O’Reilly and James O’Keefe, decided to do a show about white privilege. Actually, he decided to do a show about a ridiculous caricature of the notion of white privilege. The Worldnetdaily, of course, thinks he “exploded” the whole concept.


Jesse Watters, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Watters’ World,” traveled to Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania to learn about “white privilege.”

No, he didn’t. He went there thinking he knew what it was and he didn’t, in order to score a cheap “victory” over what he doesn’t understand.

So he called on Scott Greer, author of the new book “No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination,” to help him.

“White privilege is a term they use for all Caucasians living in America and other Western countries [having] these inherent social privileges, such as they can walk into a mall and security won’t be eyeing them,” Greer told Watters in a recent appearance on “Watters’ World.”

Greer, an editor and columnist for the Daily Caller, explained white privilege theory holds, for example, that mall security personnel only monitor minorities.

Greer said most of the benefits are intangible and rarely felt by whites.

“They call it an ‘invisible knapsack’ that we all carry around and we get all this privilege,” he explained. “It’s these social privileges. You really can’t legislate it [through] policy, and I don’t know how wearing puzzle pins is going to change anything about it. I mean, it’s just making you look silly.”…

Greer said the aim is to make white people feel guilty.

“I mean, the whole purpose at Elizabethtown is, like, ‘We’re putting these puzzle pins on just to show our shame for having white privilege,’ even though it’s something that you didn’t even have any choice over,” he said.

No, it has nothing at all to do with making white people feel guilty. I have white privilege in spades. I have never felt guilty about it and no one has ever asked me to. What it is supposed to make white people feel is motivation to correct the problem, not because I feel guilty about it but because I oppose injustice. And yes, it can be legislated in a multitude of ways. You can legislate against discrimination. You can legislate against police misconduct and brutality. And we damn well should.

A white person has no choice over being born white and having such privilege, but the same is obviously true of black people born on the wrong end of the equation. If you think society should strive for justice and equality — and if you don’t, you’re a vile human being — then you should use that privileged place in society to try to correct injustice and inequality. That’s why the concept of privilege is so vitally important in making society a better place.

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