Another After the Fact ‘Prophecy’

Another After the Fact ‘Prophecy’ March 15, 2017

Frank Amedia, Trump’s former liaison to the Christian community and a megachurch preacher from Ohio, says that God gave him visions of the White House being bugged. Which means the White House is bugged (it isn’t, of course). Which means he was right all along.


Two weeks before the inauguration, the Lord showed me the vision three times of bugging. I saw the vision of a ghost-like figure running around the White House and putting pins in things. It came three nights in a row at three o’clock in the morning. I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘They’re bugs.’ I said, ‘Bugs?’ ‘Yes.’

The second night, I looked into the face of the person that was putting them, and they were faceless. He said, ‘It’s a ghost’—which is an acronym, as you well know, for a certain intelligence agency. And the third night when I saw it he then showed me the sweeping of three times. And he said, ‘Tell them to sweep it three times. The first time won’t do it. The second time won’t do it. The third time, what’s in the darkness will come to light.’

We were able to speak it into one of the highest authorities in the land. And then the truth began to come out, didn’t it? It’s not all out yet; there’s still more coming.

Isn’t it funny that he didn’t bother mentioning this at the time? That’s always the pattern with these self-declared “prophets.” They always tell us about these dreams they had years ago and how they now know that it was a message from God about some current event. How about telling us about it ahead of time so we can determine whether it’s true or not? Oh wait, I just answered my own question. Because that would mean their claims would be testable and, when they inevitably fail the test, they’d be shown to be the con men that they are.

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