‘Coach’ Dave Ain’t Never Had No Need for Book Learnin’

‘Coach’ Dave Ain’t Never Had No Need for Book Learnin’ March 17, 2017

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, like most ignorant pseudo-macho men with violent fantasies, has no use for intelligence or thoughtfulness. And like most of them, he has constructed an elaborate scaffolding of idiocy to allow him to pretend that he’s better than those fancy schmancy “thinkers.”


There is nothing that sets me off more than listening to the smarter-than-you experts that masquerade as talking heads on the Boob Tube. Too be honest, a lot of them actually make my skin crawl. For the life of me I can’t figure out what they have done to qualify as an “expert” and I certainly don’t ever see anyone on the “news” shows who actually talks or acts like anyone I cross paths with in my daily walk through life.

Yeah, that’s because you hang around with people as stupid as you are. I don’t blame you. If I was that stupid, I’d to the same thing just to protect my fragile, macho ego. You’re just so damn predictable.

Eggheads. That is what we called them when I was in high school. Most of these creepy dudes and dudettes have won life’s lottery and get paid huge amounts of money for explaining away the obvious. They all seem to have the same educational bonafides…Ivy League degree…skinny …asexual in both their approach to the world and in their inability to fire up the testosterone meter in regards to their sex appeal.

Although it would not be unusual to find out that the leg-crossing girls on Fox News slept their way to the top it causes me indigestion to think that both Shep Smith and Anderson Cooper got their jobs the same way as the girls. Except on Fox News, most of the power journalists on the other networks all seem to be way less Alpha Dogs than the bossy women who sit in the anchor seats.

And of course, he has to add sexism and homophobia to his screed. Because that’s what stupid bigots do.

There are others out there, just like me, who are writing powerful analysis of degradation of the American Culture and actually make logical arguments for how things can be repaired. But because we don’t have the paper mache looks and the politically correct views that are required in today’s Fake World we have a hard time getting traction.

Awww, that’s just so cute. You think you don’t get taken seriously because you don’t look metrosexual. No Dave, you don’t get taken seriously because you’re a certified, grade A moron.

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