The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll Read Today

The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll Read Today March 17, 2017

Every once in a while you come across a quote from someone that just leaves your jaw agape at the sheer audacity it takes to say it. Today’s example comes from professional liar and con man David Barton, who actually says that is happy to correct himself when he’s wrong.


Let me say with that, although truth is kind of an endangered species today, you’re at the point where only two out of three Americans believe there is absolute, moral truth. I believe this moral truth because I think the Bible is very clear on that.

Having said that, there’s a great passage in 2 Thessalonians that says, “Because they did not love the truth.”

You have to have a love for the truth and if you do that, that means you’re going to have to look in the mirror sometimes and say, “You know what, I’ve got that dead wrong. That was my mistake. My bad, I own it. I’m going to change.”

One of the things I’ve done for a number of years is when people correct me if they’re right I’ll say, “You’re right.” And I’ll change things. We have a 25-year history of if we’ve come out with something and somebody points out we’re wrong we’ll admit it and we’ll go back and change it. We’ll put out a different article or correction.

If the head of the statue of liberty crashed down upon the streets of Lower Manhattan, that would not adequately represent the amount of headdesk prompted by that statement. David Barton almost never corrects himself when he’s wrong — and he’s wrong constantly. Or rather, he lies constantly and never backs down from those lies and never answers evidence to the contrary in a substantive way. All he ever does is claim that his accusers are biased and anti-Christian, even when they are Christians themselves, as he has done with John Fea, Gregg Frazer, Warren Throckmorton and many others.

When it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he lied, as in his patently ridiculous claim to have been on the ORU basketball team when he attended college there, he simply doesn’t bother answering at all. When he claims he has a PhD after years of admitting he doesn’t and it’s pointed out that his honorary PhD is worthless and given for “life experience” from an unaccredited diploma mill, he just deletes the video of himself making that claim and walks away whistling a happy tune.

David Barton wouldn’t know the truth if it crawled up his pantleg, perched on his ass and yodeled the Ave Maria.

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