Root: Hillary Should Be Hung for Treason!

Root: Hillary Should Be Hung for Treason! March 17, 2017

Add Trump sycophant Wayne Allyn Root to the long list of people who have no idea what the word treason means and also has no relationship whatsoever with reality. He says Hillary Clinton should be hung for treason for selling uranium to Russia, which she did not do.


“There should be a Russian investigation about influence peddling,” he said. “It’s not Donald Trump’s people, it’s Hillary’s people who were involved in influence peddling to Russia.”

Root, who repeatedly campaigned alongside Trump during his presidential bid and has accused Clinton of committing “a hanging” offense in the past, told Cox that Clinton should be facing either life imprisonment or the death penalty:

If it’s a crime to want to meet with the ambassador to Russia, what would you call it if you take $145 million from top Russian executives and then turn around as secretary of state and have the State Department decide to give away one-fifth of all the uranium stock of the United States to those same executives who gave your Clinton Foundation $145 million? I would say that’s treason. I would say that’s a hanging offense. I would say you go to jail for the rest of your life or you get the death penalty for making a decision like that and selling out the American people while secretary of state.

First of all, even if she did do that, it wouldn’t be treason. We are not at war with Russia and treason applies only in a time of war with an actual declared enemy, not just a geopolitical rival. But more importantly, this whole story is ridiculous and false. Snopes debunked it long ago, which has not, of course, stopped right wing conspiracy mongers, including Donald Trump, from repeating it ad nauseum. Because as always, no lie that serves a purpose for the right ever dies.

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