Comey’s Testimony Should End Trump Wiretap Lie

Comey’s Testimony Should End Trump Wiretap Lie March 21, 2017

FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday should bring Donald Trump’s lie about Obama wiretapping his campaign to a definitive end. He told the committee that there is no evidence to support that lie.


In a sprawling, near five-hour hearing, FBI Director James B. Comey on Monday said there is “no information” that supports President Trump’s claims that his predecessor ordered surveillance of Trump Tower during the election campaign.

“I have no information that supports those tweets,’’ said Comey, testifying at the House Intelligence Committee’s first public hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. “We have looked carefully inside the FBI,’’ and agents found nothing to support those claims, he said…

Under questioning from the top Democrat on the panel, Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.), Comey said no president could order such surveillance. He added that the Justice Department had asked him to also tell the committee that that agency has no such information, either.

I said it should end the issue once and for all because any order for any kind of surveillance on the Trump campaign would have had to go through the FBI and the DOJ, as they are the ones who would make any such request to the FISA court. But that won’t end it, of course, because Trump simply cannot back down and admit he was wrong, ever, about anything. And his sycophants will come up with any possible rationalization to believe him in the face of all evidence. They’ll just keep promising that new information will prove them right until everyone moves on to the next stupid lie Trump tells.

Comey also acknowledged for the first time that the FBI is investigating not only the Russian hacking and interference in the campaign, but also any possible collusion between Trump associates and the Russians in those efforts. I frankly doubt that they’ll find anything definitive enough on that to press any charges, but it’s certainly possible. And that would be a scandal that would make Watergate look like a church picnic.

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