Wiles: Govt. to Send Flesh-Eating Robots to Eat Christians

Wiles: Govt. to Send Flesh-Eating Robots to Eat Christians March 22, 2017

Rick Wiles has never met a bizarre conspiracy theory he didn’t instantly love and begin advocating. 50-100 million Muslims being imported into the country by Obama? Check. Obama tried to nuke South Carolina? Of course. But this one may be the looniest one yet.


Wiles and Steve Quayle, who is a frequent guest on his program, spent nearly two hours discussing the existence of giants, the prevalence of cannibalism and the looming Tribulation, with Wiles at one point warning that “the hatred of Christians will become so great in the Last Days that people will be encouraged to kill and eat them.”

To this end, Wiles cited a 2009 Wired magazine article that reported that a company was working on developing robots that could refuel themselves by ingesting biomass from the environment. Despite the fact that the company itself stated that the robots would rely on plant matter, Wiles remains convinced that they will in fact fuel themselves by feasting on human flesh.

“Our military is developing an army of human flesh-eating robots,” Wiles warned. “If you do not conform to the requirements of this new society, they’re going to send a robot to your house to eat you for lunch. That may sound extremely radical, but that’s where they’re taking it. They will reduce the human population. You will conform!”

Seriously, what would I do without people like Wiles to entertain me? They’re just so delightfully idiotic. I really should send him a nice fruit basket or something.

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