Moonie Times Columnist Isn’t Even Pretending to Be Consistent

Moonie Times Columnist Isn’t Even Pretending to Be Consistent March 30, 2017

Joseph Curl is a columnist for the Washington Times, or as I like to call it, the Moonie Times (it’s owned by the Unification Church, the late Rev. Moon’s dangerous cult) who spent pretty much the entire time Obama was in office throwing a tantrum about him playing too much golf.


Now that Trump is in office and is playing golf an average of more than once a week, his tune has suddenly changed. “Can we all just get over the fact that presidents play golf?” the headline asks.

Presidents play golf. It’s that simple. They have since George Washington hit a 3 hybrid over the Delaware River to within six feet of the pin, and they will when George Bush XII hits a virtual 6 iron into the hole on the new Mars International Links in the year 2274…

Then there was Barack Obama, who truly loves the game. He’s terrible at it (although he claimed an “honest 13” handicap), but he loves it. Just listen to the expert commentary in this video of his golf swing for an honesty take on his form.

Obama played 306 rounds as president, the most since Eisenhower. And he took endless heat for it. It seems that while everyone is allowed to take a little break from time to time (like two days off for every five days worked), the president should never have a moment to himself.

Now comes Donald Trump, perhaps the best golfer to ever inhabit the White House. Even at age 70, he’s said to play to a 2.8 handicap (that means he’s pretty close to shooting even par every time he plays). He’s known as a nifty putter and a skilled player from inside 100 yards. And he can pound some drives (listen to the oohs and ahhs when he hits one at a pro-am tournament).

But Trump, like Obama, is taking heat for playing golf as president. Some of that’s on him. He did, after all, tweet 26 times criticizing Obama for playing, so it makes sense he’s now getting grief. “Trump Has Gone to a Golf Course at Least 13 Times in Nine-Week Presidency,” wrote Slate. “Fox News Tweets That Trump Was at the White House When He Was Actually at His Golf Course,” said New York magazine.

It takes some serious chutzpah to not only be this hypocritical about the issue, but to even point out in the article that Trump is being a hypocrite without ever acknowledging that he is being one too. He isn’t even trying to cover it up or explain it away. I’m sure the Rev. Moon will give him a special place in heaven for it.

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