Trump: When Will the Media Cover My Non-Existent Conspiracy Theory?

Trump: When Will the Media Cover My Non-Existent Conspiracy Theory? April 2, 2017

Donald Trump is frustrated. He simply can’t imagine why MSNBC and other networks are covering the Russia story and not focusing exclusively on his completely fictitious claim that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump tower and his campaign/transition officials.


Trump has returned to this idiotic position over and over again, essentially arguing that since he won the election when few people expected him to, everything anyone who didn’t predict that outcome says now is false and everything he says is true. Logic isn’t exactly Il Douche’s strong suit, to say the least. There’s a pretty obvious difference between making a prediction about what might happen in the future and investigating what already happened in the past; the former is far more speculative than the latter.

Gee, oh Mango Mussolini, maybe the media is covering the Russia story because there are no fewer than three separate investigations looking into it, including one by the FBI that has been going since last July. And the fact is that the media has covered your wiretap claim to the point of near-obsession, but there’s just no there there. There isn’t a shred of evidence for it; if there were, you wouldn’t have to keep lying and pretending that an aide caught on a routine wiretap speaking to Russian officials (seriously, did they not know that we record all the communications of those people?) is the same thing as being targeted for surveillance.

It’s like if the local police were staking out a local crack house with a full legal warrant to do so and then one of Trump’s kids happens to go there to buy some product, then he yells “OMG, THEY HAD MY KID UNDER SURVEILLANCE!” No, actually, they didn’t. They had the crack house under surveillance. That your kid happened to get their crack there is entirely coincidental and it’s entirely their fault if they stop by.

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