Shoebat Again Calls for the Slaughter of Gay People

Shoebat Again Calls for the Slaughter of Gay People April 3, 2017

Christian (specifically Catholic, weirdly) fascist Theodore Shoebat is once again calling for the wholesale slaughter of gay people, arguing that they are possessed by demons and therefore unredeemable and must be put to death.


Reacting to a story about a man from the United Kingdom who was convicted of sexually assaulting an infant, Shoebat declared that gay people are “an emulator of the demons” who are at war against God and the only solution is for them all to be put to death.

“How can you reason with someone who is a vehicle for the demons?” he asked. “You can’t. That’s why you simply put them to death.”

“All the sodomites are perverts,” he continued, “and all the sodomites are in this position in which there is no end to their perversity. Men will sodomize other men and all this sickness, and then they will go to animals, they will go to children; this is why it is best to simply kill the homosexuals. The state should enact laws to put homosexuals to death. It’s just that simple.”

I’d much rather institute the death penalty for fascists who want the death penalty for gay people, thank you very much.

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