Hungarian Nazis ‘Proud’ of Trump Adviser Gorka

Hungarian Nazis ‘Proud’ of Trump Adviser Gorka April 11, 2017

A few weeks ago it was reported that White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, a Bannon buddy who pretends to be a national security expert, had sworn an oath to a Hungarian Nazi organization and wore one of their medals to the inauguration. That group now says it is proud of him for doing that.


Members of a Hungarian ultranationalist group with ties to the World War II-era Nazis have said they are proud that a top Trump administration adviser wore the group’s medal at the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.

Sebastian Gorka, a former editor at the far-right Breitbart News and now a deputy assistant to the president, was photographed and interviewed at Trump’s inauguration in January wearing the uniform and medal of Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian order of merit that was once closely associated with Nazi Germany.

NBC News visited Hungary to look into Gorka’s connections with Vitezi Rend and found that its members were delighted at Gorka’s public association with the group, whose name means “Valiant Order.” In a report published Saturday it said at least three people asserted that Gorka was a “well-known member.”

“When he appeared on US television… with the medal of the Vitez Order… it made me really proud,” Vitezi Rend spokesman Andras Horvath told the television station.

Other than at the inauguration, Gorka, who serves as an adviser to Trump on terrorism, has worn the medal and uniform in the past, as seen in an undated photo on his Facebook page.

The order was founded in 1920 by Miklós Horthy, who served as regent of Hungary until 1944, and comprised his supporters. Horthy was an ally of Adolf Hitler and collaborated with the Nazis throughout most of World War II. During the war, confiscated Jewish property was distributed to members of the order by the Hungarian government.

Gorka denies that he is a member of the group, but several officials from there have said he was. And while he has a very clear reason to lie, they don’t. Which means we have a literal Nazi advising Trump in the White House. That makes me feel so much better.

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