Nazis Think Spicer Supported Their Holocaust Denial

Nazis Think Spicer Supported Their Holocaust Denial April 13, 2017

What Sean Spicer said about Hitler not using chemical weapons on his own people was gobsmackingly stupid, but it wasn’t Holocaust denial. But don’t tell that to today’s actual Nazis, who seem to think that Spicer “confirmed” that Hitler never had any gas chambers.


Infostormer: “Kike Mossad Operative Wolf Blitzer Loses His Shit On Sean Spicer After Exposing Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax!” Neo-Nazi website Infostormer credited Spicer with “exposing the Jewish gas chamber hoax at today’s White House press conference” and wrote of Spicer’s apology for his comments during an appearance with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “What’s really interesting about this clip is how thick Blitzer lays the Holocaust guilt on Spicer for exposing this Jew hoax. He went way overboard with it rambling on about the gas chamber lies and muh six million etc.” It added, “Seriously, why would the media flip out over this? Could it be that Adolf Hitler didn’t really put six million Jews in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms?

The Daily Stormer: “Jews Outraged As Sean Spicer Confirms Hitler Never Gassed Anyone.” Andrew Anglin, the operator of neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, wrote that Spicer “went on and apologized to the Jewish Wolf of Blizter (sic), a representative of all Jews. In all fairness to Sean, the Hitler-Nazis didn’t ever gas babies. Instead, they drown them in buckets”…

Occidental Dissent: “The Now-Trending Sean Spicer Holocaust Center Saga Serves A Great Purpose In Demonstrating Jewish Control Over Our Media, Government, And Society In General.” Wallace’s website, Occidental Dissent, published an article with the headline “Nancy Pelosi & Various Jews Demand Firing of Sean Spicer for Hilarious Gassing Comments” that both claimed Jews control “society in general” and called the Holocaust the “greatest hoax.” An archived version of the post indicates that it originally referenced “Jewish Vermin” in its headline:

Now, while I kind of feel bad for Bashar al-Assad due to the lies being circulated about him gassing his own people, the fact remains that the now-trending Sean Spicer Holocaust Center Saga serves a great purpose in demonstrating Jewish control over our media, government, and society in general.

Spicer merely made some comments that were likely just blunders (maybe he decided to finally lash out against the Christ-Killers by reminding everyone that there were no “gas chambers” anywhere in the Third Reich), but when it comes to the Jews, there can be no mistakes when their Shoah myth is minimized even slightly.

If you challenge their greatest legend, and greatest hoax, you will be thrown into the pit of death without exception – even groveling like a pathetic cuckold rarely works.

When you say something that Nazis applaud, you can be damn sure what you said was stupid and wrong.

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