Women Face Blasphemy Charges — in Spain

Women Face Blasphemy Charges — in Spain May 2, 2017

It seems blasphemy laws to protect the delicate feelings of religious people are not limited to Muslim countries. Three women in Spain are now facing possible jail time for the “religious hate crime” of making fun of a Catholic Easter parade.

Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/whateverjamesinstitches/6249798371
Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/whateverjamesinstitches/6249798371

Three Spanish women who carried a giant plastic vagina through the streets of Seville as part of a feminist protest reminiscent of Easter processions may face jail after lawyers claimed the action constitutes a “religious hate crime”.

On May 1, 2014, the women took to the streets of the Spanish city wearing hoods and carrying the giant vagina mock-up on a plinth “in the style of the Virgin Mary,” according to court papers. They are now facing charges of “crimes against religious sentiment”, the court papers said…

The case will be heard by a Seville magistrate after a previous ruling in favour of the protesters was overturned on appeal by the Association of Christian lawyers (AEAC).

The AEAC said in a statement that the action was “vexatious”. It claimed that the group shouted slogans such as “the Virgin Mary can abort too” and that it used prayers such as the Creed or the Hail Mary, replacing lines with “sexual, rude and abusive” expressions.

Pastora Filigrana, lawyer of one of the accused, said that according to the law it needs to be proved that there was an intention to offend behind the act. The trio have denied any such intention.

Who cares if it was their intention to offend? You have no right not to be offended by things other people say and they have every right to offend you, you authoritarian jerks.

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