Cindy Jacobs Can Command the Weather

Cindy Jacobs Can Command the Weather May 5, 2017

Lest you think the bottomless bowl of spaghetti and the shoes that never wear out exhaust the magical powers of self-declared “prophet” Cindy Jacobs, think again. She also has the power to change the weather if she just prays hard enough. Speaking of a prayer rally in Nashville in 2007, she said:


As Jacobs recalled, the weather was extremely hot that day and attendees at the event—known as “The Call”—were starting to suffer heat exhaustion, so authorities began threatening to close it down, which prompted her to go to work.

“I’m a prophet, I have authority in the name of Jesus,” Jacobs said, explaining that she went to the side of the stage, got on her knees and pointed her hands at the sky and declared “clouds come from the north and the south and the east and the west” … but nothing happened.

The lack of results frustrated her, Jacobs said, “and finally I had it, so I got up and we started commanding the clouds to come from the north, south, east and west and they covered the stadium.”

When she realized that “it was still hot,” Jacobs declared “in the name of Jesus, we command the winds to blow, come from the north, south, east and west.”

“Guess what happened?” she asked the crowd. “The wind began to blow! And we were able to continue the whole day.”

So why doesn’t she just travel around the world fixing droughts and preventing tornadoes and hurricanes that destroy so many lives? For the same reason faith healers don’t hang out in hospitals — there’s no money in it. And she’s a fraud. Want proof? She was one of the people who spoke at Rick Perry’s infamous prayer rally to stop the drought in Texas and she actually claimed that it worked, that after the prayers the land was “starting to rejoice” because the drought was going away. But in fact, it got worse — much worse — after that prayer rally.

In fact, after Perry’s April, 2011 prayer rally, the drought got dramatically worse. By the fall of that year, nearly five times as much of that state was under the most severe drought conditions than there was in April of that year. At that time, 17% of the state was under “exceptional drought” conditions, 53% in extreme drought and 24% was in severe drought. A month later, 44% was in exceptional drought, 35% extreme and 13% severe. by August 2, just before the big stadium prayer rally, 73% of the state was in exceptional drought, 18% extreme and 7% severe. One month after the prayer rally, 88% of the state was in exceptional drought, 9% extreme and 2% severe. On October 4, the results were identical.

So why couldn’t Jacobs change the weather in 2011 when she claimed she could in 2007? And why did she lie about it and claim she was successful? Because she’s a con artist, plain and simple. A fraud.

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