Klingenschmitt’s Cluelessness on Religious Tests for Office

Klingenschmitt’s Cluelessness on Religious Tests for Office May 10, 2017

Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt regularly exposes his total ignorance on practically every issue and the latest is on religious tests for office. He claims that because Trump’s nominee to be Army Secretary was criticized for some of his beliefs, that is an unconstitutional religious test for office.


Green’s departure comes a day after President Trump signed an executive order to defend religious freedom. Now some are wondering why more wasn’t done to support the Tennessee doctor’s nomination.

“The bully left is now openly creating an unconstitutional religious litmus test for public office. If you believe the Bible, or quote the Bible in public, they claim you are unfit for office and apply their political labels until you quit,” Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt told LifeSiteNews, reacting to Green’s withdrawal. “But we will not surrender to their bullying tactics. Christians have a Constitutional right to hold office, and a duty and mandate from God to redeem and sanctify the culture.”

“I call upon the Trump administration to double-down and appoint more Christians to higher office. Evangelicals helped win his election, and we can also petition Senators to help President Trump get them confirmed,” said Klingenschmitt, a former Colorado state representative and leader of the Christian pro-family group Pray In Jesus Name.

Yeah, if there’s one thing we don’t have nearly enough of, it’s Christians in public office. Give me a few minutes here, I have to go find my eyes, which rolled down the street and jumped on the highway…

Okay, I’m back. Of course, the notion that this constitutes an unconstitutional religious test for office is absolutely absurd. A religious test for office is a law that makes someone ineligible or eligible to hold a certain position based on their religious views; it’s not people criticizing someone’s religious views when they are up for a government position. But that doesn’t feed their persecution complex, so they’ll opt for making this stupid argument anyway.


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