The Latest Pile of Stupid from Jim Bakker

The Latest Pile of Stupid from Jim Bakker May 16, 2017

Televangelist con man and convicted felon Jim Bakker was particularly stupid on a recent show, even by his own incredibly low standards. Let’s count up the number of utterly moronic and false claims he makes in just a single show:


While pitching his survivalist food buckets yesterday, televangelist Jim Bakker lashed out at comedian Stephen Colbert over a crude joke he made about President Trump and Vladimir Putin, which Joyner said was inciting violence and bloodshed.

“This isn’t normal comedian happy funny stuff,” he said. “This is, ‘Hate Trump. Kill Trump. Kill the president of the United States.’”

My goodness, if he thinks one crude joke is an attempt to get Trump assassinated, what must he think about the torrents of hate aimed at Obama? Oh, he was all for that. That’s totally different. To be fair, Trump is white.

Bakker then praised the president for issuing an executive order, mistakenly referring to it as a bill, that limits the ability of the IRS to enforce rules that prohibit tax-exempt nonprofits, such as houses of worship, from explicitly endorsing or opposing candidates for political office.

He said that this act freed the church from horrible government attacks—despite the fact that only one church ever lost its tax-exempt status for engaging in partisan politics after it took out an ad opposing Bill Clinton during the 1992 presidential election—and falsely claimed that because of the rule, pastors “couldn’t even talk about political things.”

“He signed the bill today that told the IRS, ‘You cannot come for Jim Bakker again, you cannot come and take him away because they’re preaching what they believe,” Bakker said.

Yeah, pastors can’t even talk about political things. Wait….Jim, you’re a pastor…and you talk about political things every day. So do huge numbers of other pastors. How can that be? Why aren’t they being dragged out of the pulpit and arrested, or at least losing their tax exemption? The thing you claim is happening is quite obviously not happening. Are you lying? It’s okay if you are. We’re used to that from you. And those buckets of survival slop aren’t going to sell themselves.

And Trump did not sign any bill, he signed an executive order. And that executive order did absolutely nothing at all. The IRS already refuses to enforce the law and always has. And no one was ever coming to take you away for preaching what you believe. You were sent away for fraud.

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