Stone Wants Fake News Sites in PDB

Stone Wants Fake News Sites in PDB May 17, 2017

Roger Stone clearly has no idea what the Presidential Daily Briefing is. He seems to think it’s just a general list of things the president should know about because he says something is very wrong if it doesn’t include fake sites like Breitbart and InfoWars.


ALEX JONES: How do we get Trump out of this cocoon?

ROGER STONE: Well, he needs a staff change. If he is not getting in his daily news briefing Breitbart, Infowars, Daily Caller, Cernovich, then something’s wrong. Those who are complaining that he is getting those things, what they’re complaining about is they haven’t been able to keep them out.


MIKE CERNOVICH: There’s a great article in Politico which revealed that Reince Priebus is now the leaker. We might as well talk about that. Roger can talk about it.

JONES: Yeah, why did we let them have that? We already had this weeks ago but there it is. “How Trump gets his fake news”

CERNOVICH: So they didn’t actually reveal Reince Priebus as the leaker there, but if you read it, the entire article is trying to make Reince Priebus look like this great smart guy around a bunch of fools

JONES: By the way, I knew this six months ago. Reince Priebus and others running to the president with the printouts they want to —

STONE: Look, I’m going to be honest with you about this. I really am. I’ve had it up to here with Reince Priebus. This guy is — He’s a malevolent midget is what he is. He did not want Donald Trump to become president.

Uh, Roger…the PDB is not a list of news sources, it’s classified information from the nation’s intelligence services. And how in the world did these three whackjobs convert the report they’re discussing, which says that Priebus wants White House aides to stop giving fake news and hoax articles to Trump, into the conclusion that he is the source of the leaks from the White House? There isn’t even a remote connection between premise and conclusion. They have filled in a causal link made of pure fantasy.

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