Shoebat Attacks Manchester Bombing Victims

Shoebat Attacks Manchester Bombing Victims May 24, 2017

Theodore Shoebat, who is virulently anti-Muslim but sounds exactly like those Islamist terrorists he rails against, attacked the victims of the horrible attack in Manchester, England on Monday night as “sluts” and “whores” who obviously had it coming.


“I really have no sympathy for these people,” he said. “The people who died, the people who were injured, the people who were scared out of their minds, who ran away [screaming], I really don’t care. The types of people who go to these concerts are the same types of people who are responsible for the degeneracy that you see in society.”

“They go to these concerts dressed up as whores, dressed up as sluts, they’re pro-sodomite, they’re pro-divorce, they’re pro-infidelity,” Shoebat said. “They want evil, they want decay, they want sodomy, they want Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Shoebat then showed photos of “some sodomite lover” who was injured in the bombing as he declared that Ariana Grande “is a nasty, evil woman.”

Why aren’t people like Shoebat ever killed in terrorist attacks instead of innocent people and children? I mean, other than the suicide bombers, to whom Shoebat bears a striking resemblance in every relevant way. They are both violent fascists who want to slaughter others who fail to live up to their barbaric religious views.

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