Barton: Accusations of Lying are ‘Fake News’

Barton: Accusations of Lying are ‘Fake News’ June 7, 2017

Professional liar David Barton said in an interview that people who accuse him of lying about American history, which he does more than anyone on the planet, are creating “fake news.” His argument is a clear non-sequitur: He says the fact that he owns a lot of original documents proves he isn’t lying.


“Because of what I do, I’m a target for the left, big time,” Barton said. “They say, ‘Oh, you make up your history.’ Did anybody point out that I own 100,000 original documents and I’m simply holding the original? Do you think I forged George Washington’s letter?”

“I get all these hit articles all the time coming out on me,” he continued. “A real journalist will always call the subject and say, ‘Hey, what is your take on this?’ Well, they don’t do that any more today, they [just say], ‘I found all these articles about you online and this is news.’ No, that’s fake news, that’s exactly what fake news is.”

Because of what you do — lie for a living — you are a target for any rational, honest person. The fact that you own a lot of original documents has literally nothing to do with that. You can own a document and still rip it from context, distort its meaning and generally lie about it. You do it all the time and that can be documented, and has been documented, so thoroughly that it is simply undeniable. You are the most shameless liar in the country who doesn’t live at the White House.

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