Klayman Hypocritically Criticizes ‘Verbal Attacks’ on Trump

Klayman Hypocritically Criticizes ‘Verbal Attacks’ on Trump June 19, 2017

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, is the latest wingnut to blame the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise on “verbal attacks” and extreme rhetoric against Trump and conservatives. As always, the self-awareness and hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds whatsoever.


The shooting this week in Alexandria, Virginia, was a tragedy. Republican congressmen, senators and their staffs were gunned down by a crazed leftist lunatic bent on killing as many of them as he could. Fortunately, no one was killed, but Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically wounded, most likely never to fully recover. But while the attack was wholly unjustified and abhorrent, the rage that engulfed this leftist madman, a supporter of socialist senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, regrettably will not be exclusive to either him or the left.

Indeed, if the drumbeat of verbal attacks, leaks and otherwise destructive assaults on President Donald J. Trump, his family, those around him and their supporters do not soon abate, expect right-wing militias and other reactive vigilantes to spring into action, resulting in a full-fledged civil war, with blood flowing in our neighborhoods and streets. I do not condone this; I am just predicting what will likely occur.

We will do our best at Freedom Watch to prevent such an explosion and push-back of the enraged right against the out-of-control and vicious left, which has in just the last few years waged deadly attacks against the police, assaulted peaceful participants and attendees at Republican and conservative events on college campuses, conducted mock assassinations and held up beheaded effigies of our commander in chief on national television and elsewhere, to name just a few provocative outrages.

We live in very dangerous times, and the attempted takedown of conservatives, libertarians, independents and people of faith by many on the left will undoubtedly cause a violent reaction if it is not stemmed forthwith. The persons, groups and entities responsible for this are not exclusive the crazy gunmen like this white socialist Bernie supporter, but the blame also squarely lies with the leftist media, epitomized by the granddaddy of these hateful and dishonest cable networks, CNN, joined by MSNBC and print and Internet publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, HuffPost, the Nation, Mother Jones, the Daily Beast and scores of others.

Oh yes, Klayman will do everything he can to avoid this. Of course, he could have helped over the last eighty years as he engaged in wildly extremist rhetoric against President Obama. He continues to insist that Obama was a foreign-born communist, a secret Muslim terrorist and a traitor deliberately trying to destroy America. And suddenly he’s terribly concerned about verbal attacks on the president. On a white president, that is. It’s open season on black presidents.

This is also the same guy who led the fight for a “second American revolution” — that is, for overthrowing the government while it was led by Obama. Now suddenly he’s quite upset about the possibility of another civil war. He famously tried to hold a rally for precisely that purpose in 2013, promising that a million people were going to show up to Washington, DC to frogmarch Obama out of the White House in handcuffs. A little over 100 people showed up.

Spare us the crocodile tears and the fake concern.

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