Jackson: Liberals Want Christians Dead

Jackson: Liberals Want Christians Dead June 20, 2017

Bishop E.W. Jackson, former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia (failed, thankfully) responded to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by slamming calls for unity from Republicans, saying that “the left” literally wants Christians dead.


Jackson dismissed the idea that those on both sides of the political aisle have used heated language, insisting that “this hatred, this vitriol, this violence is coming from the left, primarily.” Jackson absurdly claimed that conservatives and Republicans are quick to denounce anyone on their side who says anything that inappropriate, but “you don’t see the Democrats doing that.”

“You don’t see them doing it,” he insisted. “I’m sorry, it’s just the way it is. You don’t.”

Jackson said that Democratic lawmakers who denounced the shooting deserve “scant credit” and that “most people on the left are so Godless” that they want to see Christians killed.

“There are lots of them that would like to see Christians, conservatives, people with whom they disagree dead,” he said. “That’s a hard thing to say and it’s sad thing to have to say, but I believe that.”

I actually agree with him that calls for unity are worthless. Calls for not being actually violent? Absolutely. Calls for not demonizing one’s opponents? Sure. Calls for unity? No. I have no interest in being in any sense of unity with someone whose view of reality is this blinkered and bizarre. Jackson is one of those people who has engaged in the most bizarre conspiracy theories. As a matter of routine he literally demonizes liberals, claiming that they are in league with Satan and possessed by demons. Unity with a guy like that? Not a damn chance.

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