“Coach” Dave: Get Mad Or Your Grandkids Will Be Gay

“Coach” Dave: Get Mad Or Your Grandkids Will Be Gay June 23, 2017

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is still ranting about the gay pride parade he attended in protest so he could “witness” to the sinners. He thinks Christians need to wake up and get angry, because if they don’t their grandchildren might turn out to be “homos.”


“I think America could use a little bit of anger,” Daubenmire said on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning. “Was Jesus ever angry? And if Jesus was angry, was that a sin? Are we allowed to be angry? Are Christians allowed to be angry? Or are Christians supposed to get angry and then eat it? Is that what we’re supposed to do?”

“‘Coach, you seem angry,’” he continued. “Well, why aren’t you? You don’t care that they abort babies? That doesn’t make you mad? It doesn’t make you mad that Planned Parenthood just spent $760,000 in that election down in Georgia? $760,000—tax dollars—Planned Parenthood invested in that dude, that asshat down there in Georgia. That doesn’t make you mad?”

“It doesn’t make you mad that they teach lies to your kids in school?” he fumed. “That don’t make you mad? ‘Oh, we’ll just pray about it, we’ll just pray about, Coach.’ Yeah, and in the meantime, your grandkid is gonna be a homo!”

I’ve got news for you, Dave: Some of them are going to be gay and it has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood or evil liberals or the devil or anything else. You can’t beat it out of them, you can’t pray it out of them. Your anger is utterly irrelevant to the situation.

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