Amedia and Bakker, Together at Last

Amedia and Bakker, Together at Last July 8, 2017

Frank Amedia was Trump’s “Christian policy liaison” during the campaign, and he shows how credible he is by going on Jim Bakker’s TV show. The two of them bonded over spectacularly inane claims. Amedia seems to think he has destroyed the two-party system and the media.


“So, you know, North Korea, you’d better be on your toes because you’re up against a breaker anointing of God,” he said. “This isn’t about politics, this isn’t government as usual, this isn’t even militaristic, God has raised up…a breaker anointing. Anything that God opposes him against, he breaks up. He broke up the Republican Party…he broke up the Democratic Party, he broke up the news media. Everything that comes against him, he has a hammer against. So, I’m telling you, North Korea, you’d better stand down because you’re up against the breaker anointing of God.”

Uh, Frank…the Republican and Democratic parties still exist. They’ll still exist long after Trump has left office and is dead. They haven’t been broken up. And the news media still exists too. I know you live in fairytale land, where up is down and black is white, but reality doesn’t budge at your efforts to eliminate it.

Amedia offered that Trump tweets because he gets bored with nonconsequential things, part of his God-given gift of “discernment.”

“I believe he receives downloads that now he’s beginning to understand come from God,” Amedia said.

Sounds just as stupid as pretty much everything else you believe.

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