Amedia: I Can Defeat Hurricanes, so I’m Right About Trump

Amedia: I Can Defeat Hurricanes, so I’m Right About Trump July 12, 2017

Frank Amedia, Trump’s former “Christian policy liaison” during the campaign, told a whopper of a story during an appearance on Jim Bakker’s show, claiming that he once turned back a hurricane because he’s a “prophet of God,” which proves that he’s right about Trump.


As Amedia told it, he was awakened in March 2011 by his wife, who told him that their daughter was in Hawaii and in imminent danger of being swept away by the tsunami that had killed more than 20,000 people in Japan. Amedia immediately leapt out of bed, turned toward Hawaii and declared “that that tsunami stop, that it cannot touch [Hawaii], that is my inheritance, that is my child and as a prophet of God, I command you to stop now.”

Amedia then called his daughter and told her to look into the ocean where she would “see an angel stirring in the waters, he will hold back the waters, the waters will pull back and then they will recede and go the other way.”

And that is exactly what happened, he said, and his daughter even “got it on video.”

Amedia said that when critics mock his claim that he personally turned back a tsunami as well as his prophetic proclamations about Trump, “God laughs in heaven.”

“Well, guess what?” he asked. “I was right about the tsunami and I was right about Trump!”

I love these totally unevidenced claims of miracles, especially when bragging about one’s own alleged powers to reorder the world to one’s liking. “I’m a prophet of God! I drive a Dodge Stratus! People fear me!” Evidence, or STFU.

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