Absurd Anti-Muslim Lawsuit in Michigan Dismissed

Absurd Anti-Muslim Lawsuit in Michigan Dismissed July 15, 2017

I’m not sure how I missed the filing of this suit when it happened (or maybe I did see it and forgot about it), but a ridiculous lawsuit filed in Michigan that is pure paranoid, Islamophobic nonsense was dismissed for lack of standing by a federal court.


The case is Levay v US and to call it frivolous is to seriously understate the case. The plaintiff wanted the court to declare violent verses in the Quran to be the source of “imminent lawlessness” and thus illegal under the incitement to violence jurisprudence and demand that a new Quran be written without them.

Levay is a Jew and contends that the “incitement to imminent violence” found in the Quran and “cited by ISIS, Al Qaeda” and others has deprived Levay of “the freedom of religious expression.”

Levay provides an extensive list of requested relief. He wishes the Court to hold that “specific Koranic verses, presented during the trial, fail the Imminent Lawlessness Test.” He also intends to prove a “direct link to specific Koranic verses extolling among specific Radical Islamic Terrorists as the underlying motive, cause and essential ‘but for’ for 74 specific Radical Islamic Terrorist attacks within the US.” He desires a “formal declaration of incompatibility between Koranic Sharia Law . . . and US Constitutional Law.” He also asks that the Court direct Congress to take action by outlawing certain passages of the Quran, issue a federally sanctioned and edited Koran, and withdraw tax-exempt status from mosques which do not adopt the new Quran, and institute a “National Islamic Registry Program.”…

Rather than individually addressing Levay’s 28 pages of objections, his complaint will be reviewed de no. This suit is frivolous and will be dismissed.

First, Levay lacks standing to bring this suit. Levay’s suit seeks relief for the threat of violence that Islamic extremism poses to him and his community. But he does not allege injury to him personally, or an imminent, particularized threat of future injury. Even if Levay did allege an actionable injury, the Court does not have the authority to direct Congress to legislate on an issue, much less vanquish the specter of religiously-motivated violence. And, more fundamentally, Levay’s requests for a state-issued Koran, a national registry of Muslims, and financial sanctions for rogue mosques offend basic constitutional principles.

This lawsuit is so idiotic that I’m shocked Larry Klayman wasn’t the attorney representing him.

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