Another Trump Tweet is Clearly Fake News

Another Trump Tweet is Clearly Fake News July 19, 2017

The enemies of Donald Trump (Peace Be Upon Him) are always dredging up old tweets that contradict the things he’s saying now and claiming this makes him a hypocrite. The latest example is him accusing Obama of never taking responsibility even when his own party controlled all of Congress.


Now you may think this is highly incriminating and makes Trump look bad, but I have it on good authority — Alex Jones, who talks to many very important man/gorilla/pig reptilians who run the Illuminati — that this is FAKE NEWS. What had happened was that Barrack HUSSEIN Obama and the ghost of Saul Alinsky got into a George Soros-funded time machine and went back to 2012 and planted that fake tweet as part of the left-wing coup to bring down Trump and turn America into a Satanic dystopia where everyone will be forced to change genders and marry their pets. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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