Fear of Gypsies? Really? What Year Is It?

Fear of Gypsies? Really? What Year Is It? July 20, 2017

The right-wing media is suddenly all abuzz with warnings about the dangers of…gypsies. Yes, seriously. In 2017, they’re recycling Nazi rhetoric from the 1930s about the evils of gypsies, how unclean they are and now they’re invading us, people!


TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Well, in the last two months, several dozen Roma, more commonly known as “Gypsies” have been settled in California, Pennsylvania by the federal government. The Roma are seeking asylum saying they suffered racism in their native Romania. Integration is not going well. According to residents, they have little regard either for the law or public decency. Citizens say they defecate in public, chop the heads off chickens, leave trash everywhere and more.


I’ve spent time around the Roma and I’ve never heard anybody say they were violent, so that seems right to me. But I have heard a lot of people mention, and I’m just — I hate to say it, but public defecation, there are a lot of news stories about this from around the world — I’m serious, going back a long time in the U.K. and here where groups of Roma settle in a new community and then defecate on playgrounds, or sidewalks, or on their front steps. That seems to me a hostile act. Basically what you’re saying –these are countries that have indoor plumbing, like, there are options. When you do that, you are saying “We reject you, and your mores.”


GEORGE ELI: I’ve never witnessed any of my family do such a thing, and the way you’re making it sound, with all due respect, or the way the papers are making it sound, is like they are doing it in protest, if, in fact, it’s happening. I know things — I’m here to talk about —

CARLSON: Well, lots of people over a number of different years — I mean, there are photographs of it actually online. [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 7/17/17]

And his pal, Alex Jones:

ALEX JONES (HOST): Not even Fox News will tell you in the article they’re gypsies. It just says they are a persecuted minority group from Romania, from Bucharest, who have been brought here by the federal government.

And it’s got — this is a whitewash, how great they are — oh, they’re crapping in the streets, they’re robbing people, they’re stealing, they’re whatever. We’re going to play this clip in a moment, but at least Tucker Carlson said “Gypsies coming to America.”

“The Romanian refugees moved to the area through a federal program that finds temporary houses for immigrants, according to Post-Gazette.”


Your kid gets kidnapped out of your backyard, big kidnappings all over Europe, and they find em with the gypsies, and even liberal groups just say “Let em have your kid now, it’s part of their” — it was in Italy, they actually find them with kids and let them keep em. “Oh, they’ve had your daughter for three years, just let em keep em, and let the Muslims rape your wife too. It’s okay, they only get probation.” Because it’s liberal. [Genesis Communications Network, The Alex Jones Show, 7/18/17]

I bet they take them to that secret pedophile outpost on Mars! But don’t worry, they have a solution to all of this. A final solution, if you will.

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