Jackson: Impersonal Pronouns a Sign of Demonic Possession

Jackson: Impersonal Pronouns a Sign of Demonic Possession July 27, 2017

E.W. Jackson, self-styled “bishop” and failed candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia, says that trans or non-binary people wanting to be called by non-gendered and plural pronouns is a sign of demonic possession. Because that’s a totally reasonable reaction.


On his radio show yesterday, right-wing pastor and Virginia Republican politician E.W. Jackson claimed that people who prefer to be referred to with the gender neutral pronouns “they/them” do so because they are under the “possession” of “multiple demons.”

“This whole thing of going to a plural pronoun,” Jackson said, “to me, it is a subconscious spiritual admission of demon possession by multiple demons.”

“The only single individual I’m familiar with who spoke from the plural pronoun was Legion,” Jacking said, referring to an incident in the New Testament in which Jesus cast demons out of a possessed man.

“Who is the ‘they’ in there?” Jackson asked rhetorically. “We know who the ‘they’ in there is: a bunch of devils.”

Well you know what they say about E.W. Jackson: They’re a moron. And a bigot. And a first class jerk. There’s actually a very simple and foolproof test to determine whether someone is possessed by a demon: They’re not.

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