Mining the Treasure Trove of Trump Tweets

Mining the Treasure Trove of Trump Tweets July 30, 2017

It appears that there is absolutely nothing that Trump can say now that isn’t flatly contradicted by an earlier statement he made on the subject, especially on Twitter. Now he wants the Senate to eliminate the filibuster rule so they don’t need 60 votes to get cloture on any legislation, not just appointments:


Leaving aside the fact that Democrats have had the chance several times and have not done so, we can just turn back the clock to 2013, when Trump tweeted out his outrage that anyone would dare suggest eliminating the filibuster, while ignorantly and falsely claiming that the rule was written by Thomas Jefferson:

No, Jefferson did not write that rule. Jefferson was never a member of the Senate, which has full power to write its own rules under the Constitution. The rule he refers to was actually the elimination of an earlier rule, the 60 vote cloture requirement being an accidental by-product of that action. It wasn’t actually invoked for more than a century, then it began to be used during Senate deliberations under Woodrow Wilson. So not only is Trump displaying his own hypocrisy, he’s also displaying his ignorance.

Also amusing is that getting rid of the filibuster rule would not have helped pass the bill to repeal and/or replace Obamacare. All of those votes were done under reconciliation rules, which means they only required 50 votes, not 60, and they couldn’t get to the lower number anyway.

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