Dinesh D’Souza is Still a Terrible Liar

Dinesh D’Souza is Still a Terrible Liar August 2, 2017

Inveterate liar and distorter of reality Dinesh D’Souza went on Fox and Friends, where his lies are sure to impress the slack-jawed halfwits on that couch, and claimed that Hitler took his ideas directly from the Democratic Party in America.


STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Explain to me the connection between President Andrew Jackson and the Nazis.

DINESH D’SOUZA: Well, the book uncovers a sort of secret history between fascism and the Democratic Party and the left. This is important because, as you know, fascism is now the card that is played by the left against [President Donald] Trump. Trump is a fascist, Republicans are the party of fascism. I show that the opposite is true. Fascism has always been on the left. I also point out three ideas that Hitler got, very destructive, genocidal ideas from the Democratic Party. So, one of them you mentioned, Hitler is sitting in Landsberg Prison and he’s frustrated because the British and the French have conquered large parts of Asia and Africa, and Hitler goes, “There’s nothing left for us.” And then he says, “Wait a minute, in America, the Jacksonian Democrats drove the American Indians off their land, dispossessed them, enslaved them.” He goes, “That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to throw the Poles, the Slavs, the eastern Europeans, the Russians off their land. We’ll resettle it with German families. If any of those guys remain we’ll enslave them.” So, Hitler got his blueprint for European, you may say conquest, in Europe directly from the Jacksonian Democrats.

Oh for crying out loud. This is as ridiculous a lie as he has ever told, and he’s told a lot of them. First of all, even his comparison is blatantly dishonest. His argument is that Hitler was frustrated by other European powers conquering other countries because he couldn’t do that, so he followed the American example of conquering the Native Americans who were already here. Except he didn’t. He did, in fact, start invading other countries. He even names them — Slavs, Poles, Eastern Europeans, Russians. So the very examples he uses disprove his ridiculous theory.

But that’s only the first lie. The other is the lie that because Andrew Jackson founded the Democratic Party, he was “on the left,” like today’s Democratic Party (allegedly) is. But Andrew Jackson was not a liberal, he was a conservative populist. That’s why Trump admires him so much and is modeling much of his behavior on him. Don’t believe me? Just read Breitbart, which says that today’s Republican party is “becoming the party of Andrew Jackson — and that’s a good thing.” They further say that Jackson “likely would have been disgusted by the modern Democrat Party.”

The most obvious difference between Jacksonians and progressives is that Jackson and his followers opposed centralized government power, preferring strict interpretations of the constitution. The Jacksonians, following in the political footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, attempted to decentralize power by pushing control over policy back to the states. Though some mistakenly claim that Jackson was “big government” because he expanded the power of the executive, this is a deep misunderstanding. Jackson ferociously resisted attempts by the legislature to dole out pork projects to their constituencies, which had become all too common in the 1820s and 1830s. He wielded his executive authority to prevent expansion of the federal government, issuing a record number of vetoes…

Jackson strongly adhered to federalism and decentralization, but also that this system was buttressed and strengthened by an indivisible union of states. He believed that federalism was vital to protecting individual rights…

The Jacksonians were anti-crony capitalist and specifically hated state-supported monopolies. The Jacksonian philosophy was all about competition and laissez-faire capitalism…

The Jacksonian, anti-crony capitalism message is clearly important to modern conservatives, especially those who identify with the Tea Party. The base of the party has rebelled against the bipartisan TARP bailouts, the massive stimulus program, and recently achieved a monumental success, goading Congress to eliminate the Ex-IM Bank.

Or ask The American Conservative, which makes similar arguments:

Andrew Jackson helped shape a political philosophy that has rippled through the American political firmament for nearly 200 years. Call it conservative populism—an aversion to bigness in all of its forms, including big government, and a faith in the capacity of ordinary folks to understand and to act upon their own interests. Conservative populism includes a natural aversion to entrenched elites, who always fight back against conservative populists whenever they challenge elite power. Republicans of today who tout the leadership of the last great GOP president, Ronald Reagan, should know they are touting the 20th century’s greatest exponent of Jackson-style populist politics.

This is what D’Souza does, makes facile comparisons based on realities that have not existed for decades and decades, then pretends that his analysis maps to the current reality. He lies by omitting all of the relevant facts that prove his analysis to be utterly false.

And let’s also acknowledge the obviously contradictory attacks on liberals. We are simultaneously a bunch of bleeding hearts who weep for the plight of oppressed minorities, to the point of wanting them protected from even the harsh words of others, which makes us a bunch of precious snowflakes, AND we’re also Hitler, wanting to kill all those same oppressed minorities just like he did. Because that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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