Uncle Ruckus to the White Courtesy Phone

Uncle Ruckus to the White Courtesy Phone August 3, 2017

Jesse Lee Peterson, aka Uncle (Tom) Ruckus, delivered his greatest hits of idiocy on Frances Swaggart’s radio show this week, saying that black people were better off under the Jim Crow laws in the South and that Black Lives Matter is just like the KKK.


“There were even black people in America who had slaves as well, and during that time it was about economics, it wasn’t about color,” Peterson said. “And black people are not the only ones who’s been enslaved. The Jews have gone through what they’ve gone through. White people have been enslaved, other people have been enslaved, and that’s not a reason to hate. You overcome evil by not hating it. And black people were better off… before the Civil Rights Movement, under the Jim Crow laws, than they are today because they didn’t have that hatred in their hearts.”

He continued, “There is never an excuse to hate, and God said that we should even love our enemies, it means don’t hate them so you’re protected from them. The Klu Klux Klan didn’t go around killing black people, they killed some black folks. Just like Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama have created an environment by falsely accusing white cops of killing black people, the Klu Klux Klan did the same thing, so evil is evil, and it doesn’t matter who it’s coming from.”

Yeah, slavery had nothing to do with race. And the KKK didn’t kill black people. And anyone who says so has “hate in their heart.” So says this abysmally ignorant man who is desperate for the attention that can only come with telling white people lies that make them feel better about themselves and gives them an excuse to blame the victims of racism so they can maintain our institutionally racist society. He’s like a superhero whose power is giving white racists that one “black friend” who agrees with them, so their views are totally cool and not racist at all.

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