Wallnau: Demons Killed Ailes and It’s All the Fault of Liberals

Wallnau: Demons Killed Ailes and It’s All the Fault of Liberals August 10, 2017

Like Pat Robertson, Christian con artist and professional Trump bootlicker Lance Wallnau is perfectly fine with Fox News hosts sexually harassing women. It’s all fake news anyway, and part of a big satanic plot. That’s what killed Roger Ailes, you know, evil spirits brought on by liberals who opposed him.


“I am so flipping mad!” Wallnau bellowed. “First, they took down Roger Ailes, the liberals killed him. The devil killed Roger Ailes because they disgraced him with sexual harassment allegations.”…

Wallnau said that while “there is not one sexual practice [that secularists are] not advocating for and trying to make a civil right out of,” they hypocritically targeted “poor little Roger Ailes” for destruction simply because he allegedly sexually harassed multiple women at his network.

Wallnau blamed liberals for Ailes’ death, which occurred after he injured his head in a fall shortly after he was ousted from Fox.

“I’m convinced he fell down partially because of stress and the spiritual warfare,” Wallnau said. “Bang, bashes his head, hemorrhages and bleeds, 77 years old, dies of an accident in his own house. But, I’ll tell you, it was liberals who killed him, not the floor; it’s spirits and curses and demons.”

Well if you’re convinced of that totally nutty idea, how could anyone doubt it? I don’t understand brains that work this way. I don’t understand how someone can believe something that irredeemably stupid. I do understand why someone would pretend to believe it in order to get other people to support them, which is why I presume he’s just a con man. But that still relies on other people being capable of believing such poppycock. And there seems to be an endless supply of those. PT Barnum just wasn’t cynical enough.

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