Condemnation is Not Enough When You Share an Agenda

Condemnation is Not Enough When You Share an Agenda August 14, 2017

While it’s nice to see so many Republicans drawing a contrast with Trump’s refusal to explicitly call out white supremacists, I would suggest that some soul-searching is in order. Because many of those very same people still support a whole raft of policies that those same white supremacists cheer wildly for.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

Those policies include: deporting millions of undocumented aliens, cutting down on legal immigration, gutting the civil rights division of the DOJ, ending affirmative action, banning Muslims from entering the country, and so forth. Many of them also push some of the same ridiculous conspiracy theories believed by those fascists, from birtherism to all that anti-Sharia law nonsense (OMG, the Muslims are going to take over America and impose Sharia law on us all, which is about as rational as fearing a Martian invasion).

There’s also the fact that many of those same people have engaged in exactly the kind of dog whistle demagoguery that feeds red meat to these racist, xenophobic fascists. They continually stoke fear of violent crime even while it has been doing down for the last 25 years. They continually support police officers who engage in misconduct and brutality, almost always against the racial minorities that the people they’re now condemning want to see discriminated against and even killed.

And those same people supported Trump over Clinton even while those very same white supremacists they are now scrambling all over themselves to criticize supported him in droves and cheered on his agenda. Even while David Duke and virtually every other white supremacist leader and group in the country marched and voted for Trump and said that his agenda was their agenda, they supported him, and continue to support him. Words are cheap. You want to show you’re against white supremacy? Stop supporting their hero and the policies that feed into their bigotry.

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