Barton’s Bizarre Diatribe on Confederate Statues

Barton’s Bizarre Diatribe on Confederate Statues August 23, 2017

Professional liar and fake historian David Barton went on Joe Pagliarulo’s radio show last week and delivered an absolutely bizarre diatribe on statues of Confederate leaders that are found in public places all over the country. See if you can make any sense at all of this:


We’re looking at taking Confederate monuments down, and by the way, from a historical standpoint, if you know your history those monuments don’t scare you. If you know your history in Germany, the fact that you have ovens where the Holocaust occurred. The fact that you have Gestapo headquarters that are now mu – that’s not a problem because you know it’s wrong. And because you know it’s wrong, you can teach the next generation and that’s why you’ll find that Germans are particularly sensitive toward neo-Nazi movements arising in Germany. They don’t tolerate it. So even though they’re there, they don’t – and so you can do that with history. In Israel, they got great kings like David, but you know what, they’ve also got a monument to Absalom, who was a (unintelligible). They’ve also got a street named after Ahab who was a lousy king. But that helps them know the good, the bad, the ugly.

So he cites Germany, which does prohibit the honoring of Nazi leaders, to justify keeping statues to Confederate leaders because they have preserved the concentration camps as a reminder of that terrible history. But Auschwitz was not created to honor Hitler, for crying out loud, it was merely preserved as it was to serve as a warning of the dangers of Nazi ideology. That isn’t in any way comparable; in fact, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of putting up statues to honor and commemorate those who defended slavery.

And seriously, I know that talking is different from writing and all that, but some of those sentences are Trumpworthy word salads. If you can figure out what the hell “So even though they’re there, they don’t – and so you can do that with history” means, let me know. It looks like just gibberish to me.

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